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10- Letting agent Code of Practice

Letting agent code of practice



A new Letting Agent Code of Practice began on 31 January 2018.


This is a set of rules that all letting agents must follow to make sure they give a good service to tenants and landlords.

The Code explains the minimum standards a letting agent must meet when:

  • dealing with tenants
  • marketing and advertising a property
  • managing a let
  • collecting rent
  • handling repairs
  • ending a tenancy

If you're a tenant the Code will help you understand what you should expect when dealing with a letting agent. It will also help you challenge them if you don't think they're meeting the standards in the Code.

Register of Letting Agents

Everyone carrying out letting agency work needs to apply to join the Scottish Letting Agent Register by 1 October 2018 if they want to continue doing it. The register is run by the Scottish Government.

Before they can add them to the register, Scottish Ministers will have to decide whether the people in charge of a business applying to the register are 'fit and proper' persons to carry out letting agency work. Certain key people working in the business also need to have had a minimum standard of training.

To decide if someone is a 'fit and proper' person, Scottish Ministers will consider a range of information about that person including whether they have been convicted of offences involving fraud, violence, drugs, firearms, sexual offence or broken housing law.

Once the register is fully up and running, you will be able to check if the letting agent your landlord uses is allowed to carry out letting agency work.

If they're a registered letting agent, they'll have a unique letting agent registration number that they must put on all their communications and advertising. You can use this number to check whether they're registered.

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