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Renting with Pets

Wednesday, 28th April, 2021

Making a house a home can be even easier when you have a pet, but it isn’t without its risks. Landlords can reserve the right to prevent pets from being in their properties, but that doesn’t mean pet owners can’t rent with a pet.

If you want to rent a property and have a pet, the first step would be to discuss this with the letting agent or landlord about whether they would allow you to keep a pet.

Remember, the reason landlords aren’t keen on having pets in their property is because of the risks. Pets can lead to dirty conditions, lingering smells, pest infestations, and complaints from neighbours. As a tenant, it is your job to prevent the risks and convince your landlord you will act responsibly.
 Pet CV and references

According to Lets with Pets, a CV and references for your pet will help provide more information to your landlord and letting agent for renting with a pet. Your pet's age, breed, behaviour, training; recent vaccinations, flea and working treatments, and a reference from your vet and/or previous landlord will give your current landlord or letting agent a clear picture of what your pet will be like in the property.

Although this will more commonly be for cats and dogs, other animals will benefit from a reference as well.

A good practice is to give contact details for your vet and someone who can care for your pet in an emergency, as well as the number of hours you will be away from the pet during the day or night.

Meet the landlord

If you are able, try introducing your pet to your landlord or letting agent in person, so they can see how they behave for themselves. If your pet is well behaved and you come across as a responsible pet owner.

This can apply to any pet, as the landlord can see how the animal will be kept in the property and how it behaves around the property in general.

It will also give both the tenant and landlord the chance to see if the property is suitable for the pet.

Pet deposit 

On top of your security deposit, a landlord or letting agent in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland can ask for an additional pet deposit, to cover any potential damage caused by the pet at the end of the tenancy.

Like your security deposit, this is refundable and should be held in a protected tenancy deposit scheme; it simply acts as an extra bit of insurance for the landlord.

 If are looking for a property to let and have a pet please contact us to see how we can help.  


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