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UK set to face a harsh winter

Tuesday, 5th November, 2013

UK set to face a harsh winter
Winter is closing in and many rental properties are likely to be left empty over the festive season.  We are advising tenants to be aware of their obligations when it comes to taking care of their rented property over this period.
David Toner  Director of Rentolease said: ' Predictions suggest that the UK is set for another harsh winter. Therefore, it would be good idea for tenants to consider ways to best prepare their property for cold spells. This is particularly important for those who will be leaving their rented home vacant during the holiday period.'
'There are a few sensible steps that can be taken to ensure there are no unexpected problems over the winter period or any unwanted surprises when tenants return to their properties after a break.'
At this time of year it becomes essential that you take steps to protect the property from frozen and/or burst pipes. 

Heat the property every day, even if you are away from the property over the holiday period. Set your boiler or timer - The recommended minimum setting is 15 degrees constant.  
If the pipes should freeze, turn off the water supply at the stopcock, open all of the taps in the property and call Rentolease immediately for further instructions or out with office hours the emergency contacted details provided.
If the pipes burst, turn off the water supply at the stopcock, switch off all central heating installations, and call Rentolease immediately. or out with office hours the emergency contact details provided
If you are away from the property for more than a few days please ensure someone checks the property on a regular basis and let your landlord or Rentolease know.
If you are away from the property for an extended time or more than two weeks it is advisable to have the property drained and turn off water supplies.
If you wish further information please call Rentolease.


Rentolease – Christmas Opening hours
Tuesday  24th                      Open 9am to 1 pm
Wednesday 25th                  Closed
Thursday 26th                      Closed
Friday  27th                         Open 9am to 1pm
Monday 30th                        Open 9am to 1pm
Tuesday 31st                       Open 9am to 1pm
Wednesday 1st                    Closed
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Our usual office hours, 9am to 5pm, will resume on Friday January 3rd 2014.

Please find emergency contact details for contractors and services. This facility is for use only in the event of emergencies occurring out of our normal working hours of Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm except Thursday when we open at 10.30am :

Details can also be found on our web site and on our answering machine. Terms and conditions apply *

West of Scotland Water                                 0808 100 5333
Gas Emergency                                             0800 111 999
Loss of Power SPENERGY Networks           0845 272 7999
General Call-out number
Contact: John Woods                                         07709 123068 
Gas Engineer
If your landlord has a Scottish gas contract  or provided other contact details to you you must contact Scottish Gas on 0845 9500 400 or the company details provided
 If not:
           Tom Adams 07891402217
Electrical Services
Contact: RAM Electrical 07401566699
      Tom Adams 07891402217
During the holiday period use these numbers only when Rentolease is closed.

*Terms and Conditions
Only existing tenants may use this emergency service. Please check your welcome information if your landlord has provided alternative contact details.
It is the sole responsibility of the reporting tenant  to provide accurate telephone contact and address information to the contractor and arrange for access to the property.
In order to mitigate loss, the contractor will only take action to secure or temporarily repair any defect found with a report being supplied to our office the next working day.
Where a repair is subsequently found to be tenant liability in nature, the tenant will be liable for all labour and material costs incurred up until the point of identification.  Thereafter, the costs of any private repairs instructed will be the responsibility of the individual tenant
Calling out a contractor out of normal working hours will incur higher than normal hourly charges.  Tenants should only utilise this service where absolutely necessary.

Emergency call-outs are extremely expensive to your landlord. Call-out charges for non-urgent repairs are likely to be re-charged to you. However, we stress that where there is a danger to life, limb or property you should contact these tradesmen without delay.   


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